Artists I Have Worked With...

***FOH = Front of House***
Twice As Deep
(Producer & Studio Engineer)
We Are Messengers
(FOH & Monitor Tech)
Satellites & Sirens
(FOH & Monitor Tech)
Todd Meredith & The Rave-Ons
(FOH & Monitor Tech)
David T Dunn 
(FOH & Monitor Tech)
Brian Wurzell 
(FOH & Monitor Tech)
Union of Sinners & Saints
(FOH & Monitor Tech)
Mark Sickman
(Sound Designer, FOH & Monitor Tech)

Companies / Organizations I Have Worked With...

 (Sound Designer, FOH & Monitor Tech)
Extreme Faith Productions
(FOH & Monitor Tech)
Chandler Unified School District 
(FOH & Monitor Tech)
Leading Edge Academy 
(Sound Designer, FOH & Monitor Tech)
Casteel High School 
(FOH & Monitor Tech)
Connect Church
(Consult, Install, Training, & FOH)
Living Word Bible Church
(Consult, FOH & Monitor Tech,)
Life Community Church
(Consult, Install, Training, FOH & Monitor Tech)
Show Tune Productions
(Sound Designer, FOH & Monitor Tech)
Extended Frequency Sound
(FOH & Monitor Tech)
Transformation Ministries 
(Sound Designer, FOH & Monitor Tech)
Trinity Church of Mesa
(Consult, Training, FOH & Monitor Tech)
(Consult, FOH & Monitor Tech)

Productions I Have Worked With...

The Music Man (In Concert)
(Sound Designer, FOH & Monitor Engineer)

Seussical The Musical
(Sound Designer, FOH & Monitor Engineer)

Bye-Bye Birdie
(Sound Designer, FOH & Monitor Engineer)

(FOH & Monitor Engineer)

The Buddy Holly Story
(FOH & Monitor Engineer)

Space Number Nine
(Front of House & Tech Director)

L.E.A Variety Show 
(FOH & Monitor Engineer)

Missioner Audio's Story

     My name is Jeremiah and MISSIONER AUDIO is the fruition of what I have been doing in the world of audio for over 20 years. Here is my promise to you:

I am fully committed to under-promise and over-deliver.
I will NEVER tell you I can do something, when I really cannot.
I ask a lot of questions to ensure YOU are getting what you want.
Your mission, is MY mission. Your show, is MY show.
I want nothing less than a COMPLETE success for you and/or your event!


     Currently, I operate an efficient 32-input Protools recording rig (with MIDAS preamps) in a semi-pro-studio environment near Greenfield and Main in Mesa, AZ. I have enough equipment to track an entire band in one take without ANY issue at my location, but I CAN make it work at YOUR location and am able to record on site as well. 

     I work with Film, Rock, Pop, Alternative, Metal, Country, Jazz, and even Hip-Hop artists. My strongest areas are Rock and Alternative. I'm not one to brag, but I have been known to shame some audio techs OUTSIDE of my comfort zone as well ;)


     With live situations, I am very comfortable with load-in, setup, tuning systems, analog & digital boards, monitors, in-ear-systems, and front of house sound. I have run sound for solo acoustic acts all the way up to big bands in a play with choirs, 15+ cast members, and the whole works! 


     What I am about to share is to let you know that I KNOW what you are after and I can help you get there!

     ​In a nutshell, I am a professional free-lance audio tech, a worship leader, and musician. This is my livelyhood and I LOVE what I do! Helping people is in my DNA and I find it a complete joy to see others bring their dreams to life in the studio, at the sound board, or from the stage; I always give my all in everything!​



     I am a bassist, guitarist, vocalist, song-writer, worship leader, and live / studio engineer. Music got a hold of me at a very young age and (being from the south) I was always exposed to country and blue-grass music. I loved pop-radio as a kid during the 80's and got into the old school hip-hop as well. In the 90's, I discovered punk-rock, alternative, and metal; that's when I started to play bass and guitar. Joining and starting bands was always happening and, in high-school I started messing with Cool Edit Pro (AKA Adobe Audition). I made a lot of bad recordings, but learned a LOT along the way.


Questions?? CONTACT ME!